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Anthony Bologna, who gained notoriety after a video went viral of him pepper spraying several women at Occupy Wall Street, told sources for DNAInfo's Murray Weiss "I did not intend to spray the women." Weiss says he spoke with two sources who talked to the deputy inspector and writes that his sources added that he "acted with the best intentions" when he decided to use the chemical, which is considered the least aggressive crowd control tool at police officers' disposal ... Although his life has been turned upside down, the veteran police official believes he "would do things the same way" if he could turn back the clock."

Bologna, Weiss writes, "says he has been 'tortured' since the incident -- but still believes he used the proper amount of force and 'would do things the same way." That last part's a bit surprising given the fierce anger the video aroused and the campaign to disseminate his personal info. Some of the women he pepper sprayed weren't very satisfied with his professional repurcussions, though. The department docked 10 of his vacation days, the press reported Tuesday.

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