Occupy Wall Street Harnesses the Power of Cute

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This revolution is so darned serious. What this movement needs is a lighthearted, fun component to take the edge off. There have been something like 900 arrests in New York so far, including Cornell West on Friday, and more likely during marches planned for Friday night and the weekend. It's no wonder tensions are rising in Zuccotti Park. The drum circle's clearly not helping mellow things. Fortunately, there are dogs and kids to the rescue. A new tumblr called Awwcupy Wall Street rounds up photos of mostly dogs but also babies and cats throwing their adorableness behind the movement. And just when you thought Zuccotti Park was becoming public enemy number one among its neighbors, an influx of kids is ready to disarm even the most stern scowl.

Awwcupy is, of course, an instant Twitter hit, getting passed around like crazy on Friday by people like Jessica L. Atcheson, who tweets:

It's full of photos like this, so no wonder:

Meanwhile, at the actual site of Occupy Wall Street, protesters with adult odors have made way for a kid-friendly space where families with little ones can join the revolution. The group Parents for Occupy Wall Street organized the sleep-in, and from the photos Citizen Radio's Allison Killkenny is tweeting, they're already bringing the cute in a big way:

It's not like the occupation has been totally charmless so far. There was that marriage proposal earlier this week, and Gothamist reports it's been getting some visits by school kids on field trips with appropriately kid-like signs. Plus, Pete Seeger is supposed to join the march Friday night. We're just glad to see the precious side, as well as the militant front, of the other 99 percent.

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