No One Wants to Buy Strauss-Kahn's New York Townhouse

The 6,800 square foot TriBeCa house is just had its price cut to $12.5 million

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn said in his televised interview last month that he didn't like the TriBeCa townhouse where he waited out his house arrest in New York. It's possible, but very unlikely, that that comment helped push down the asking price for the still-vacant, 6,800 square foot house, which Curbed reported on Wednesday was reduced by 11 percent to $12.5 million from $13.995 million. Of course, the house wasn't moving before Strauss-Kahn took up residence there, either. Its price had already fallen from an initial asking figure of $14.995 million way back in 2009. As we pointed out in the DC market, Strauss-Kahn's a big deal, but not quite enough to move real estate.

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