Nightsticks Were Swinging on Wall Street Last Night

28 arrested in the largest Occupy Wall Street gathering to date

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With nightsticks swinging and pepper spray misting, it was a wild night in New York's financial district Wednesday evening, where 28 were arrested in connection with the Occupy Wall Street movement now in its 20th day. In the country's most saturated media environment, you can bet scenes of New York's Finest swinging clubs at demonstrators were caught from every angle In fact, local Fox 5 reporter Dick Brennan catches all the club-swinging action while taking a blow to the stomach (while his cameraman was maced):

According to CNN, last night's demonstrations "seemed to be the largest since the protests started" where "thousands marched from lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park -- considered a rallying point for the largely leaderless group -- to Foley Square near City Hall." Here's another angle of NYPD officers swatting at protesters with clubs:

Meanwhile, the movement continue to swell outside of New York with dozens rallying in Boston, Hartford, Connecticut and Seattle (though all significantly smaller than in New York). As more local unions pledge their support to the New York demonstrations, other protests are planned for today in Savannah, Georgia and other cities, reports CNN.

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