New Yorkers Say They Support Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Not only do 87 percent say they think protesting is "okay," 67 percent say they agree with their views

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New Yorkers approve of Occupy Wall Street. Not only do 87 percent of those surveyed in a Quinnipiac poll find the actual protesting "okay," but slightly fewer, 67 percent, say they agree with the views of the protesters. Seven out of 10 asked even say they understand the protesters's message "very well" or "fairly well," which is a much higher percentage than many in the media would say. But here's where the disconnect comes in: A large majority agree with the protesters, a big percentage claims to understand the message, but only 21 percent of those polled blame Wall Street and financial institutions for the current state of the nation's economy, falling behind the 37 percent who fault the Bush administration.  Even so, 73 percent say they favor tougher government regulations on Wall Street firms and banks.

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