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The NBA will reportedly cancel two more weeks of the upcoming regular season as the ongoing lockout continues to drag on with no end in sight. The New York Daily News says the announcement will come today, according to a league source.

The season was originally scheduled to begin on November 1, but the league has already canceled the first two weeks, in addition to the entire preseason. The new delay would wipe out all games through November 28.

Commissioner David Stern has already said that he believed the annual Christmas Day games would be in danger if a new labor deal was not reached by last Tuesday. That would seem to indicate almost no chance of seeing pro basketball in 2011 as talks broke off last week and there are no negotiations currently scheduled.

The more optimistic outlook says that an 82-game season can still happen, on a more compressed time frame, provided a deal gets done soon. Since they two sides are not even at the table, don't hold your breath.

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