A Massive Fire Is Raging at a Texas Chemical Plant

MSNBC has the incredible footage

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A massive fire has broken out at Magnablend chemical plant, which offers custom chemical blending and packaging, outside of Dallas, Texas, reports MSNBC.

The fire was very intense and moving beyond the property and into an adjacent field toward the Ellis County campus of Navarro College, according to the NBC affiliate in Dallas. A fire truck in the parking lot managed to keep the fire from spreading to the building. The college was evacuated immediately after the fire broke out.

Given the magnitude of the fire, which is certainly burning off a lot of harmful chemicals into the air, nearby establishments, including a school are taking certain precautions to ensure safety. "A spokeswoman at Margaret L. Felty Elementary school near the plant says the school is not on lockdown but they are making sure they keep all the students indoors so they don't breathe any of the air," continues MSNBC.

MSNBC has the incredible footage.

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