Latest Details on the Hipster Cop Confirm Hipness

He's single, eats organic food, and, bizarrely, likes both Coldplay and Radiohead

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Last Friday, we noticed The Hipster Cop of Occupy Wall Street: a fly detective who dressed and acted the part, patrolling the crowds of protesters. We compiled as much information as we could on detective Rick Lee, but couldn't get in touch with the officer for comment. Gothamist's Nell Casey also tried to contact him and had no luck, but got in touch with someone who had more information on the mysterious cop and the source spilled some details, like he's "single, although it is unknown if he is 'ready to mingle.'" And he "eats organic food," "likes both Coldplay AND Radiohead," and has "actually been called 'hipster cop' for years." Some of the findings confirm both his hipsterness and his cop cred, while others surprise us. We had pegged his glasses as vintage-esque Moscots, but it turns out the eyewear is possibly even more hipster. And, of course he loves bikes and organic food. But one detail has us scratching our heads: Coldplay, really?

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