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Ian Murphy, the editor of a satirical Buffalo-based newspaper who last made headlines when he prank called embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, posing as billionaire David Koch, has been arrested for wielding a dildo at an anti-gay marriage protest in New York. Murphy got the governor to say some embarrassing things on tape during the Republican's heated stand-off with public employee unions last spring. Incensed Republicans alleged he broke several laws at the time, but it looks like he finally went down for a much, um, odder crime. Murphy was actually arrested on June 24, 2011, reports The Raw Story's Stephen Webster while at a demonstration held by the National Organization for Marriage. The group was protesting the recently passed gay marriage law in New York. Webster reports the two sides of the story:

Murphy claims he and a cameraman had a "penis-shaped microphone" that he and his cameraman were calling the "dildophone," but that they only pulled it out once, while they were standing far away from the large body of NOM protesters. In the police report and deposition, officer Donna Donovan claims Murphy was making “obscene gestures” with the object, and that he called her and a fellow officer "assholes."

Who's telling the truth? We can't say, but we're guessing that it'll be a trial to remember.

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