Cost of National Cathedral Quake Damage: $25 Million

The Washington landmark will reopen in November

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In August, we highlighted the damage that a 5.8-magnitude earthquake had done to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Now cathedral officials have released an estimate for how much all that destruction--shattered stone, structural cracks, unwieldy pinnacles, fallen angels and gargoyles--will cost: $25 million. Officials say they'll need to raise $15 million for the short-term repairs and $10 million more to help pay for cathedral operations through the end of 2012. Ultimately they say the repairs could take a decade to complete. Since cathedral operations are not funded by the government or a national church entity, The Washington Post explains, officials must seek contributions from around the country. The cathedral will reopen on November 12 with a week of events to honor the occasion. Officials have created an "Earthquake Update" section on the cathedral's website alongside a plea for donations. It took a nation to build the Cathedral," the site notes. "It will take a nation to restore it; please be generous."

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