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It's been a busy week for Princeton's Cornel West, who was arrested in D.C. on Sunday, and was just arrested again in New York this afternoon. The picture above was captured by Russia Today producer Lucy Kafanov. West and several dozen other protesters are trying to get themselves arrested as part of a peaceful protest against the New York Police Department's "Stop and Frisk" policies. The issue has been picking up steam this week as New York politicians have been criticizing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for relying too heavily on the tactic.  On Wednesday, state senator Eric Adams told of a meeting he had with Kelly, according to Capital New York

There's one quote Commissioner Kelly told me that I'll never forget. He stated, the reason we use stop-and-frisk and target the group that we do is because we want all people who fit that group to feel that any time they leave their house they can be searched by the police. This will prevent them from carrying weapons.

A police officer was charged this week with violating the civil rights of a black man in Harlem whom he accused of resisting arrest after making a random stop. The case got activists to renew calls for the department to cease its policy of stopping and searching New Yorkers, which many say allows for racial profiling. West and others had planned to be arrested peacefully "to let our young ppl know we love them," Wall Street Journal reporter Tamer El-Ghobashy tweets. Salon reporter Justin Elliott also tweeted of West being led away by police.

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