Lab Where Anthrax Came From Had Lousy Security

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Though we may never be 100 percent sure who mailed anthrax spores to members of Congress and the media back in 2001, we do know the lab where the germs came from had terrible security. According to ProPublica, "security procedures [at the lab] were so lax they would have allowed any researcher, aide or temporary worker to walk out of the Army bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick, Md., with a few drops of anthrax." Of course, a few drops of anthrax was all that was needed to kill five people and infect 17 others in the mail attacks following 9/11. ProPublica got a hold of two secret reports on the facility written following the 2001 leak. Both show that "security gaps" at the lab allowed spores to be smuggled out with little trouble.

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