Alec Baldwin's Tense Visit to Occupy Wall Street

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Alec Baldwin called his Tuesday night visit to Zuccotti Park "too brief," but it looks like the trip was a very long two hours. It was not lost on anybody at Occupy Wall Street that the 30 Rock actor has worked as a pitchman for Capital One, which led to plenty of charges of hypocrisy on Twitter, and a tense exchange in real life. 

In the video that's getting passed around, Baldwin defends his knowledge of what the Federal Reserve Bank is against some protesters eager to teach him a history lesson (at about 2:30) after he insisted, "you want the Fed to do what it does." Unsurprisingly, his diatribe didn't go down well with the End the Fed crowd.

Baldwin, however, didn't feel put upon. In face, he thanked his tutors later:

This tweet, on the polite side, sums up a lot of the reaction to Baldwin's cameo:

But Baldwin gamely got into the spirit, picking up his late-nigh refreshments at a street cart instead of ordering in from Plunder, as his 30 Rock character would do (photo via dj_kiwi_rainbow_love on Spichless).

One of the people who runs Occupy Wall Street's official Twitter missed Baldwin's appearance in favor of some personal time and was sorely disappointed:

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