Watch a Wildfire Devour a Field in Texas in Less Than a Minute

Almost all 6,000 acres of the Bastrop State Park burned in a matter of hours

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A series of wildfires have ravaged Central Texas this year, and the past few days have been particularly bad in Bastrop County. Two people have died, and the blaze shows no signs of calming down. "The massive wildfire ... has burned around 30,000 acres, destroyed nearly 500 homes and forced 20 neighborhoods to evacuate," reports the American Statesman. "The largest fire remains zero percent contained, officials said." The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department released the below video of the Bastrop State Park, where only 100 acres of the total 6,000 remain unburned. Firefighters are currently struggling to keep two historic Depression-era houses built by the Civilian Conservation Corp from being scorched.

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