Typo Found on 9/11 Memorial

The family of a victim with a misspelled name seems understandably upset

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With thousands of names etched into Ground Zero's 9/11 memorial, a typo was probably bound to happen. But when the family and friends of victim Jeffrey Schreier saw that his name had been spelled incorrectly as "Jeffery," they were understandably upset. From NBC News New York: "You feel as though Jeffrey's soul is now looking down and saying, 'Can't you get my name right?" said the brother-in-law of Jeffrey to the news outlet. Memorial officials, also understandably, are now working as fast as possible to correct the situation. A Memorial spokesman said to NY1 News that the victim's name was entered incorrectly into a database. "As soon as we found out about this error we began working on how to make it right," the spokesman's statement read.

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