Salahi Stunt Solved: Michaele Ran Away with Journey Guitarist

Despite her husband's report that she was kidnapped, she does not want to go home!

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Michaele Salahi was not kidnapped, as her husband Tareq claimed, but has run off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, TMZ reports. Tareq went public with his kidnapping worries when Salahi called from an unfamiliar number and said she was with her mom -- and, shockingly, police didn't take the reality star's claims seriously. (That could be because, as Fishbowl DC reports, the police talked to Michaele and she was fine.) Journey's PR people told TMZ, "Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together."

With their desperate attempts to extend their 15 minutes of fame beyond the Real Housewives of D.C., it looked like Tareq's kidnapping claim could have been a sick publicity stunt. That could still be the case. Or it could be that it's a publicity stunt, but poor old Tareq isn't in on it.


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