The Week Before September Is Like Looking at a Different World

Alan Taylor's look back at the week before September 11

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September 4 was a Tuesday. A day later Julien Menichini toured Manhattan with his camera and pointed his lens up at the World Trade Center towers. A week later two planes flew into the sides of those two towers and change the course of American history. But the week in between was just like any other week. President Bush hosted some young Washington DC-area football players in the White House Rose Garden. Eight women went on trial at the Taliban's Supreme Court for proselytizing. A teenager threw a cherry pie at King Carl Gustav's face for no apparent reason. The Yankees played the Red Sox in the Bronx, and Michael Jackson performed at his 30th Anniversary Celebration in Madison Square Garden.

Alan Taylor has collected over 40 photos of these events and more from the week before September 11 at his In Focus blog over at

[photo by Julien Menichini / CC BY]

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