The Last Crown Victoria Built by Ford Is Heading to Saudi Arabia

Evidently, they make great lowriders in the Middle East

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It's a sad day for fans of cop cars and taxis: the Crown Victoria is ending production. Jalopnik reports:

After 32 years in production, the last Ford Crown Victoria will roll off the assembly line today. It's a record that surpasses all other North American vehicles, including the Model T. Its final destination, however, isn't a museum in Detroit or a American collector. It's being sent to Saudi Arabia. 

The factory in Ontario that's been building America's favorite cop car and taxi cab will close, likely putting 1,200 people out of work. They documented the production of the final model on Facebook and also revealed its destination in the Middle East, where Crown Vics are apparently a popular candidate for lowrider modifications:

Correction: This story previously said that Crown Victorias will continue to be manufactured in Australia. While fans of the model have urged Ford to do so, there are no current plans for production.
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