Texas Inmate Ate Last Meal Before Learning He Wouldn't Die

The Supreme Court ordered a stay 90 minutes after the execution was scheduled

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Convicted murderer Duane Buck had already eaten a humongous-looking last meal before learning that he was temporarily spared a lethal injection. Last night, the Supreme Court halted the execution 90 minutes after Buck was scheduled to have faced the death penalty, The Houston Chronicle reported. The down to the wire decision was spurred by a 1997 trial that was found to be "unconstitutionally tainted by improper racial testimony," The Atlantic's Andrew Cohen wrote. Rick Perry, as Texas governor, had refused several appeals from people involved in the case to halt the execution.

Since Buck assumed he would face execution he gorged himself on a last meal that included "fried chicken, salad, French fries, fried fish, jalapeño peppers and apples," noted the Texas Tribune. Upon learning of the temporary reprieve he exclaimed: "God is worthy of praise. God's mercy trumps judgment. I feel good."

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