Want Your Kid to Enjoy School? Send Them to California

College rankings rule that the most happy students come from California

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It's finally September, which means for most people under the age of 22, it's time to grab your brown bag lunches and book bags and head back to class. In the spirit of the season, The Daily Beast launched their 2011 college rankings. Rather than decide an undisputed one school to rule them all, they decided to make listicles ranking schools according to 25 different categories, from which school is the most beautiful (University of Mississipi), which is the best school outside of the U.S. (University of Cambridge), which is the most artistic (California Institute of the Arts), which school has the best parties (West Virginia University), and which school is the horniest (Wesleyan University). They also determined which schools were the happiest, based on reviews of the schools' dining, housing, and nightlife grades taken from College Prowler, the number of sunny days per year, the student-teacher ratio, and the average amount of debt student have when they graduate. Ivy league schools take the top two spots. Unsurprisingly, considering the number sunny days, California has the highest number of happy students of any state. They lead the pack with eight of the happiest schools in the country. It's amazing what a little sun, and proximity to the beach, can do for a students' well-being.

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