GM and Auto Workers Reach a Deal to Save 6,400 Jobs

The new $2.5 billion labor contract will reopen a plant and add a factory shift

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The United Auto Workers union just revealed details about a new agreement with General Motors that will save or add 6,400 American jobs. "Union officials revealed some details of the pact Tuesday, including a $2.5 billion investment by GM in its U.S. plants, the reopening of a closed auto plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., and a new full shift at a plant in Wentzville, Mo.," reports CNN Money. "In addition, the company made various product commitments for five other plants, in many cases winning work that would've otherwise been moved to Mexico."

Obama must be thrilled! The new deal not only shows adds new employment numbers to the board, it also comes two years after the Obama administration bailed out GM and the rest of the auto industry after carmakers declared bankruptcy. Opinions were mixed when he did a victory lap of the plants in Detroit last year, and we'll have to wait and see how the pundits spin this news. Either way, it looks like GM just put a little gas President Obama 2012 campaign tank.

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