This Will Lift Your Spirits: A Look at 'Mr. Trump's 757'

It really is such a shame he's not still running. The clip below, from a YouTube series on Mr. Trump's post-campaign life, is just priceless.

I can't decide which is my favorite part: the emphasis on seat-belt buckles and other fixtures including the sinks all being "24-karat gold plated," the "special T-button" on the video control system to bring up Mr. Trump's personal selections, the "mohair divan" (you have to hear it to get the joke), the classy background music throughout, or the "yards and yards of elegant gold silk" bedecking the walls of Mr. Trump's bedroom. Since I can't decide, I'll just say: every second of this is so great. Thanks to AVweb for the pointer. And thanks to Mr. Trump!

UPDATE. Many people have written in to share their joy at a feature of the video I didn't mention: its depiction of the Trump Family Crest! I invite you to discover it on your own. Also a friend well steeped in China lore points out this connection:

>>It just dawned on me That the Donald's ostentatious behavior is almost exactly how a nouveau riche Chinese country bumpkin (maybe a coal mine boss?) would act. Decked out in gold-plated, embalmed, what-have-you jewelry/chains, as long as it's gold, driving around in his Hummer or Lamborghini, throwing around Mao bucks like he's the central bank printing press. All the Donald's missing is the man purse accessory.

Now THERE's reality TV show or sorts. The question is then, can you imagine a nouveau riche Chinese coal mine boss be POTUS?<<

For an earlier Trump-and-China link, see "Win In China!"