Some Really Scientific Relationship Advice

The latest study finds that personality does indeed matter

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Men and women alike do all sorts of things to attract the perfect mate. Some aspire to riches; others focus on grooming. And the latest study shows that even personality matters. "Adventurous females choose mates with similar personalities, regardless of the male's appearance and other assets," found a University of Exeter study. The study looked at birds, but it joins similar findings for a bunch of other species. If our feathered friends even care about what's inside, humans probably do, too, surmises researcher Dr. Sasha Hall. "This is strong evidence that females care about the apparent personality of their male independently of his appearance. We have the first evidence that it is important for partners to have compatible personalities in the mating game. This is something we would probably all agree is the case for humans." Personality isn't the only thing that matters. At least not according to science. It's found that all sorts of characteristics can attract a significant other. So before you lurch out into the dating world, prepare.

The ideal dude:

  • Money. Women value cues to "resource acquisition"--also known as Rolexes--in possible hubbies, found a Behavioral Brain and Sciences study. 
  • Family-oriented. A guy who wants to have babies attracts women, according to research from the University of Iowa. 
  • Not super attractive. Couples in which the woman rates as better looking than the man have more positive and supportive relationships, reveals a Journal of Family Psychology study. 
  • But at least average-looking. Ladies prefer men with "phenotypically average faces," studies have shown.  
  • Unhappy? Women don't want to sleep with smiley men, science says.  

The perfect lady-friend:

  • "Reproductive capacity": Men care if women can make babies--it's evolution. 
  • Submission. Dudes would rather not marry a powerful woman, a University of Michigan study finds. They prefer subordinate females as marriage partners. 
  • Smarts and money help, too. More and more men want educated women who have financial stability, according to University of Iowa findings. 
  • Similar to his mother. The Oedipal complex lives. Research found that men were likely to pair up with women who had similar bone structures to their mothers. 
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