The Raunchy Video Captain Gets to Stay in the Navy

Captain Owen Honors won't be kicked out of the Navy for filming the videos

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The "raunchy video" captain, Owen Honors, won't be kicked out of the Navy. Yesterday, a board of inquiry decided that filming the distasteful, sophomoric videos (which included profanity, gay slurs, and masturbation jokes) wasn't enough to warrant a discharge, The Virginian-Pilot reported. Some of videos became widely circulated in January when they were leaked to The Pilot, which pointed out at the time that they were filmed "while the Enterprise was deployed supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." During the inquiry, the government's lawyer, Commander Mike Luken, tried a seemingly unsuccessful tactic: "Were the videos popular?" he asked. "Yes, they were. Absolutely. But just because something's popular, does that make it right?" Owens, the Associated Press relayed, seemed relieved at the favorable final decision--he also could've have lost his retirement benefits.

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