Quote: So What Newspaper Do Criminals Read?

A local crime report cites a Bloomberg non-sequitur

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"People who commit crimes don’t read the Wall Street Journal."

--New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as quoted by the local CBS affiliate in response to claims from Crown Heights neighborhood residents that unemployment may have to do with an uptick in crime. The crime statistics story from Monday used numbers available on the police department's website to show that while crime was down 35 percent citywide since Bloomberg took office, some neighborhoods had seen year-to-date spikes from 2011. The report pointed to a "400 percent increase in murders in tony Williamsburg" (it didn't mention that there was one this time last year and five this year). We're guessing a similar lack of context is to blame for that weird Bloomberg quote, because it seems likely that Raj Rajaratnam and Bernie Madoff may have picked up a copy of the Journal, at least once or twice.

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