Ohio Serial Killer Gets Death Penalty for 11 Murders

Convicted murderer doesn't speak or look at families as his sentence is read

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Anthony Sowell, the 51-year-old Cleveland man convicted of killing 11 women and hiding their bodies on his property, has been sentenced to death. Judge Dick Ambrose ruled on Friday that the gruesome case warranted lethal injection. Sowell, who previously served in the Marine Corps, was arrested on Halloween in 2009 and found guilty on July 22. He didn't speak or look at the families of his victims who were seated in the courtroom on Friday, the Associated Press reported. The women started disappearing in 2007, the AP reported, and prosecutors said Sowell lured them to his house with promises of drugs or alcohol. "Police discovered the first two bodies and a freshly dug grave in late 2009 after officers went to investigate a woman's report that she had been raped there." Prosecutor Richard Bombik said, "if this guy doesn't get the death penalty, nobody should."

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