No One's Quite Sure How a Truck Drove Out of This Building

New York Fire Department tweeted a photo of one of its more unusual calls of the day

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New York bloggers have been freaking right out on Wednesday after the fire department tweeted an amazing photo of a salt-spreading truck dangling out the window of a Queens repair building. Also, there is a guy sitting in the cab. He was rescued and nobody got hurt. The Village Voice talked to the New York Police Department.

The NYPD tells us that the sanitation truck had backed out [we're confused, too] of the facility, and that there's no criminality suspected.

According to the Department of Sanitation, the building is the central repair shop, and the truck, a salt-spreader, was there for routine off-season maintenance. The driver of the vehicle was a mechanic. Their spokesman reiterated the common view, "We don't really know exactly how it happened."

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