New Lead on D.B. Cooper Goes Cold After DNA Doesn't Match

The FBI says they're still not ruling out the deceased suspect, however

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Looks like the case is cold again. DNA tests failed to link D.B. Cooper with a new suspect thought to be the infamous plane hijacker. The FBI said Monday that a necktie Cooper left on the plane Cooper parachuted out of in 1971 failed to match new DNA evidence brought by Lynn Doyle Cooper, an Oklahoma woman who recently came forward saying her deceased uncle was the man who disappeared from an airliner with $200,000 in ransom money. The claim was based on her memories from when she was 8-years-old. The FBI cautioned that the new lead may still be solid, given that the necktie DNA thought to be Cooper's may not be his (the tie could've been borrowed resulting in someone else's DNA showing up). Lynn Doyle Cooper also provided fingerprints of her uncle, which resulted in tests that were inconclusive.

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