Meanwhile in California, 'heat, thunder and sharks'

A heat wave out west, but don't jump into the water

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East Coast residents no doubt felt justified to complain about the one-two punch of natural disasters they felt this week: first an earthquake, then a hurricane (or, depending on where one lived, at least a tropical storm). But Californians may be entitled to maintain a superiority complex, at least when it comes to being beset on all sides by nature.

The state is currently suffering a brutal heat wave, with a high temperature of 106 degrees in the San Fernando Valley and up to 115 degrees in Palm Springs. Coupled with a spate of recent lightning storms, the conditions are well-suited to wildfires, like the one that burned more than 300 acres on Saturday.

For those hoping to cool off with a trip to Mission Beach near San Diego, consider the shark. Lifeguards have twice closed the beach after spotting the fin of a shark, estimated at 14 feet long, maneuvering near the popular swimming area.

Is no coast safe?

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