Update: Man Who Threatened to Jump Off 30 Rock Now Safe

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A man is on the roof of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan threatening to jump. NBC News's Durrell Dawson tweets that his office is "mesmerized" by the man, and that it looks like police are trying to talk him down. He posts this picture, which he says is from a rooftop camera. Update: The man is now safe and in police custody.

The building is home to NBC, and, of course, the setting for the show 30 Rock.
UpdateToday show staffers Melea McCreary tweets that he's on the 70th floor and covering his face with an American flag bandana. Colleague Julie Gurovitsch adds this photo:
Update IIMcCreary says the video feed -- the way her office was able to watch police trying to talk the man down --  has been cut. And Eric Jackson notes that West 50th Street has been cleared by police:
Update III: Ryan Osborn tweets that the man is now in custody of police. Gurovitsch also says he's safe.

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