A Man Hopped the White House Fence

He also interrupted a CNN's John King

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A homeless man hopped the White House fence in the middle of CNN's John King USA, CNN reports. James Dirk Crudup, 41, hopped the fence while the CNN show was filming live. The man only made it about two feet onto the lawn before being busted by White House security with automatic weapons drawn. He was ordered to lie down and taken into custody and charged with unlawful entry. The Washington Post spoke to a Secret Service representative who said the man was also being charged with contempt of court for violating a stay away order from the White House. The bomb-sniffing dogs reacted to something in the man's backpack, so it was confiscated and examined for any explosive materials. The area was put on lockdown for 90 minutes before security allowed things to go back to normal. The video from CNN's broadcast is below:

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