Local News: Email Hiatus

If you've sent me an email in the past six or seven weeks that required more than an instant's thought to answer, or asked for any action on my part, odds are that I haven't replied. "Yet." This I regret, so I offer a short explanation.

I believe in the David Allen "zero inbox" precept, but for work and family triage reasons that has in recent weeks been a purely theoretical goal, and I am hundreds of "real" replies in arrears. Though still under one thousand! My recent triage process has included limiting how much time I will spend each day on email, in the name of getting other things done on a deadline. Thus the growing backlog.

No doubt I will reflect upon my shortcomings, learn from this in the future, etc. For now, blanket apologies for unintended offense, and the time for working down the backlog (and applying a different sort of triage in that process) should arrive shortly. That is all.