Horror of Indiana Stage Collapse is Unnervingly Captured on Video

At least five are dead and over 40 are injured after the catastrophe

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At the Indiana State Fair concert Saturday night of the country music duo Sugarland, strong winds estimated at between 60 and 70 mph blew over the stage as an audience of 12,000 waited for the band to perform. The State Police special operations commander and the fair's Executive Director "decided it was time to evacuate the crowd," according to the Indianapolis Star. But before that could happen, winds collapsed the massive stage, which crumbled into the crowd, ultimately killing five and injuring more than 40. The fear and pandemonium -- not to mention the terrifying visual of actually seeing a huge stage collapse into an audience -- is harrowingly captured in a concert-goer's video (below). "It really did look like slow motion," one woman in attendance said. It's unclear whether the rest of the fair will continue as scheduled, although the band canceled its performances for Sunday, the AP reports.

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