Holder: There's 'No Proof' 9/11 Victims Were Hacked

The attorney general met with victims' families on Wednesday

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This will give News Corp. investors a momentary sigh of relief. Attorney General Eric Holder told the families of 9/11 victims Wednesday that "there is no proof yet" that any News Corp. journalists illegally hacked into their relatives' phones. "They said if anyone is held accountable, corporations can be fined, and the people who should have known or who did the hacking could be put in jail," Jim Riches, a former firefighter whose son died in the attacks, told Politico. The Justice Department says it's taking the investigation seriously, which began after a report last month that the now defunct British tabloid News of the World asked a private investigator to gather details on 9/11 victims from phone records. According to the report, the New York investigator declined the offer but victims worry that other investigators may have been hired. Norman Siegel, a lawyer for the victims' families, says the the claim of phone hacking is "merely an allegation at this point. We hope it's not true."

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