Tabloids, Rejoice: Casey Anthony Must Return to Orlando

She hasn't been seen since July 17 thanks to a mixup between state officials

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Tabloid reporters must be thrilled: though Casey Anthony hasn't been seen since she stepped into a black SUV at 3 a.m. July 17 upon her release from jail, but now she has been ordered to return to Orlando by a Florida court. She has 72 hours to report for probation.  Anthony has been tabloid fodder from her 2-year-old's disappearance in 2008 through her acquittal for the child's murder this month. Surely photographers will be waiting.

Orange Circuit Judge Stan Strickland signed amended court documents Monday that force Anthony to serve once year of probation for check fraud, the Orlando Sentinel's Anthony Colarossi reports. Anthony was released without restrictions after she was acquitted, but it turns out that was a mistake. Strickland had always intended for her to serve supervised probation after Anthony pleaded guilty to stealing a friend's checkbook and writing five checks totaling $644.25. But Florida's Department of Corrections interpreted his order to mean she could serve probation while awaiting trial. The department is now contacting Anthony's lawyers.
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