New York Marriage Equality Will Start on a Sunday

City clerks and judges will work the weekend to eliminate any further delay for couples

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Amazing things are happening in the state of New York. Celebrations erupted across the city when the Marriage Equality bill was passed on June 24. Calendars have been counting down the days towards this Sunday when the bill will finally take effect and gay couples across the state will be allowed to marry one another. The only problem is that the bill comes into effect on a Sunday, a day government offices are normally closed. But one miracle deserves another, and so The New York Times' City Room blog is reporting that government offices across New York City will open this Sunday so that couples can finally tie the knot. Apparently judges are excited to show up on their day off in order to work and make history in the state of New York: "Judges will be on hand to officiate at the weddings immediately after couples receive their marriage licenses." But that's not all! Rules are being thrown out every which window they can find. "Ordinarily, couples must wait 24 hours after receiving a license to get married, but some judges have expressed a willingness to waive that requirement for the first day of same-sex marriage." City offices across the state are ignoring the normal weekend rules in order to accomodate the new legislation.

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