NASA's Manned Spaceflight Ends (For Now) with Safe Shuttle Landing

Atlantis landed for the final time at 5:57 a.m. at Kennedy Space Center

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It's been commemorated for quite some time, but at 5:57 am this morning NASA's current space shuttle era officially ended when the Atlantis safely touched down its gears at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. After a mission to restock the International Space Station went smoothly (the crew added enough supplies to last the station a year) the shuttle undocked from the ISS. With a "Farewell ISS, make us proud" statement from commander Chris Ferguson, it headed back toward Earth. At 10 a.m. EST the shuttle's crew will hold a news conference live on NASA's TV website. We've embedded the final minutes of the landing video below, along with the images of the shuttle rolling to a complete stop:

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