Like Pravda Covering Chernobyl: Fox News on the Murdoch Problems

Check out the front pages of FoxNews.Com and, taken at the same time about half an hour ago. You can click for a larger view of each, but no matter how big you make the Fox page, you're not going to see .... a certain fast-unfolding big story. Hmmm, I wonder what that missing story might be.


You'll see that Fox does highlight a media-ethics scandal. "OPINION: Why Gawker Was Wrong." It just turns out not to be the media-ethics scandal dominating coverage in the NYT and other "real" news organizations around the world:


If you scroll far enough down the page, you'll see a tiny little below-the-fold mention of the Watergate-scale unfolding Murdoch scandal.

Here's a challenge: For anyone who denies that Fox is a propaganda operation rather than news, run by apparatchiks rather than journalists, let's see an explanation of the difference between these pages and the story Fox pretends isn't there.

UPDATE: An hour after everyone else, the Fox site now has a small above-the-fold mention of Murdoch dropping the BSkyB bid. This is like the way the Soviet press covered Chernobyl: "small problem in the Ukraine."