Judge Declares Mistrial in Clemens Case

Judge Reggie Walton ruled the prosecution showed the jury inadmissible evidence

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The trial of pitcher Roger Clemens for allegedly lying to lawmakers about his steroid use took a sharp turn today when the judge declared a mistrial, according to The Wall Street Journal. Judge Reggie Walton will hold a hearing soon to decide whether there will be a new trial or whether the charges against Clemens will be dropped entirely.

This morning, the Journal explains, prosecutors showed the jury footage of a member of Congress asking Clemens about a statement made by Laura Pettitte, the wife of former New York Yankees teammate and government witness Andy Pettitte, regarding conversations with her husband about Clemens admitting to using human growth hormone. The judge had previously ruled Laura Pettitte's testimony hearsay, rendering it inadmissible. "I think a first year law student would know that you can't bolster the credibility of a witness with clearly inadmissible evidence," Judge Walton told prosecutors on Thursday. Ouch.

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