How Strauss-Kahn Spent the Holiday Weekend

Free of house arrest, the former IMF chief's social life in New York is gearing up

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Since Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released on his own recognizance on Friday, he's been free to leave the $50,000-a-month TriBeCa townhouse where he had been under house arrest from the first of June. He and his wife, Anne Sinclair, have been keeping mostly out of sight of the throng of cameras that chase them everywhere, but they have gone out on the town at least a little bit, as well as receiving company at home. Here's a look at the couple's social schedule since Strauss-Kahn's release.

Friday evening, July 1: Dinner at Scalinatella. Strauss Kahn, Sinclair, and another couple ate together at this Upper East Side restaurant, running up a roughly $700 bill. According to theĀ The Independent, "the former International Monetary Fund boss ate pasta with black truffles and washed it down with a $116 Tuscan red. Mr Strauss-Kahn and his wife left the restaurant through the kitchen in a vain attempt to avoid the waiting cameras."

(Photo via Reuters)

Saturday morning, July 2: A day on the town. Strauss-Kahn and Sinclair spent the day out. They apparently visited the Museum of Modern Art, as Sinclair held a pamphlet from the museum as she returned home after their outing. According to Agence France-Press, the couple again tried to avoid the paparazzi. "Their black Mercedes sedan made several attempts to duck the reporters, at one point rushing into Time Warner Center's parking garage, whose doors closed immediately afterward, only to reemerge out the other side."

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Saturday evening, July 2: Dinner in with friends. Well, we think it was dinner with friends. A couple came over to the Strauss-Kahn and Sinclair townhouse with bags of what appeared to be groceries. According to AFP, it was the same pair with whom Strauss-Kahn and Sinclair had dined on Friday night.

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Sunday, July 3 and Monday, July 4: Hosting friends. Strauss-Kahn and Sinclair stayed at home for the most part both days, and the same couple was seen leaving on Sunday and returning on Monday. Here, Sinclair peers through the throng of reporters at her front door in search of her guests.

A Reuters video from Sunday shows Sinclair leaving and then returning with a couple described as "relatives." They appear to be the same pair from Friday's dinner and Saturday's home visit. Whatever their relation to Sinclair and Strauss-Kahn, it must be close, or they would never put up with this crush of reporters out front:

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