FBI Investigates Stun Gun's Mysterious Appearance on JetBlue Plane

It wasn't a forgetful air marshal that left the gun in the plane's seat pocket

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In a disheartening reminder of airport security's many flaws, a cell phone-like stun gun was found late Friday in a seat pocket of a JetBlue airplane that landed at Newark airport en route from Boston. And, judging by today's follow-up accounts, it doesn't look like anybody knows more information about whom the gun belonged to, where it came from, and for what it was supposed to be used. The FBI--which is now conducting an investigation--would only tell the Associated Press that "the investigation so far suggests that no attack was imminent." And ABC News appears to have ruled out a forgetful air marshal as a suspect: the Transportation Security Administration told the news outlet that "air marshals do not carry stun guns."

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