Bloomberg Does Something Giuliani Won't: Perform a Gay Marriage

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On July 24, the first day that gay couples can officially wed in New York, Mayor Bloomberg will be hosting and presiding over the marriage of two city officials on the lawn at Gracie Mansion. The New York Times recounts the in-the-office offer by the Mayor who's been reluctant to preside over weddings to his chief policy adviser, John Feinblatt:

"Let’s get a cup of coffee," the mayor told him, motioning to the office kitchen. There, Mr. Bloomberg made an unusual offer. He did not know if Mr. Feinblatt and his longtime partner, Jonathan Mintz, the city’s commissioner for consumer affairs, wanted to marry. But if they did, and were looking for somebody to officiate, he knew just the man for the job. “If you’d like me to do it, I’d really love to,” Mr. Bloomberg said.

After Feinblatt consulted with his partner, Jonathan Mintz, the arrangement was made. As The Times noted, Bloomberg has only presided over his daughter's wedding and former mayor Rudy Giuliani's. As it happens, Giuliani was asked to preside over his gay friends wedding after the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, but he seems to have backed away from his long-ago promise.

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