The Atlantis Launches: A Blast Off Roundup

An instant guide to drawing out the end of the shuttle program

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If you missed missed today's launch of the space shuttle Atlantis--or just want to relive the culmination of 35 years of shuttle launches--there are plenty of ways to make the moment last. Here are our favorites.

  • The Washington Post set the stage and filled in any gaps in your NASA knowledge with a visual history of the shuttle program.
  • Here are the final two minutes from the launching pad at Cape Canaveral

  • The Washington Post's Jason Samenow live-blogged the perilous pre-launch weather conditions.
  • CNN's live-blog impressed us by being thorough, and also for starting at 2:30 a.m. eight hours before the launch and was  thorough.
  • At The Awl, Brent Cox explained why he wasn't buying the day's space race nostalgia.
  • At ABC, Matt Gutman got up early and mingled with the shuttle watchers who descended on Florida to pay their respects.
  • For all the fanfare, there's a purpose to this mission beyond just closing out 35 years of shuttle launches, as NASA's Robert Mase explains.
  • The Houston Chronicle called out Washington politicians in real time for post-launch flip flops on the space program.
  • The Orlando Sentinel posted this fascinating Reuters video report about the economic impact of the program's cancellation on the central Florida economy.
  • This Getty photo of the astronauts before the launch is guaranteed to result in Right Stuff flashbacks.

  • What the launch looked like from the Port Everglade Locks.

  • Retired NASA flight director Wayne Hale offered another handshot launch video.

  • On Twitter, the Kennedy Space Center passed along a photo of the launch taken from inside the Shuttle Training Aircraft, NASA's space shuttle simulator.

  • snagged NASA's 64-person VIP launch guest list, which included incongruous (and delightful) names like Joe Gibbs, Alan Parsons, Eric Holder, Geraldo Rivera, Kevin Sorbo, and Jimmy Buffet.
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