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JetBlue: the official airline of the Los Angeles car-pocalypse. It's not a slogan that will catch fire in corporate headquarters, but a $4 ticket gambit that the airline made to increasingly desperate Angelenos facing a ten-mile freeway shutdown this weekend--"Carmaggedon"--appears to have paid off. "In less than four hours, JetBlue Airways sold out all four special 'Carmageddon' flights between Burbank and Long Beach on Saturday," reported The Los Angeles Times.

Thanks to JetBlue, commuters just need to find a way (still not that easy) to get to the Burbank or Long Beach airports. There they can grab a 20-minute flight over the stretch of the lifeblood L.A. freeway, the 405, that will be closed for construction. For $1 more, there were first class tickets available. By the way, the surreal apocalypse-toned photo pictured above was taken by flickr user Kingair42 at what appears to be the Long Beach airport--pretty appropriate.

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