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The state of Massachusetts is going to have to wait at least a few more days to arraign Winter Hill mobster Whitey Bulger--a federal court judge in South Boston said that Bulger would not be arraigned Friday afternoon following his request to be represented by a public defender. 

The Boston Globe's Glen Johnson tweeted the exchange from inside the courtroom. "Can't you afford a lawyer?" asked Judge Mark Wolf. To which Bulger replied, "Well, I could if you give me my money back. That's the only way I could."

Bulger made the trip from Santa Monica to Boston in a private plane, a Gulfstream. According to the Boston Globe, there was "little fanfare" when the plane landed at Logan Airport. The Globe reports that immediately upon touching down the plane was "escorted by one unmarked State Police cruiser...into a Delta Airlines hangar, where armed guards from the US Marshals Service could be seen waiting for the place. No one got off the plane until the doors were shut."

Bulger arrived at the Moakley Courthouse in South Boston around 3 p.m. Local police told Boston Globe State House reporter Noah Bierman there wasn't any extra security for the arrival, but Bierman noted on Twitter that it "loaded" with federal agents.

William Bulger, Whitey's brother and the former president of the state's university system, was in the courtroom. The Globe's Glen Johnson tweeted that Whitey "mouthed 'hello' to Billy" on his way in.

A magistrate has scheduled the next hearing for June 30.

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