The Glamorous Life of a Journalist (Weiner Dept.)

From the inbox just now.

>>Hi James,

Are you looking for quotes on the Anthony Weiner resignation?

As a "Media Consultant," I have plenty to add on the topic.

I can talk about the "Anatomy of a Meltdown... where did he go wrong?  How could he have saved his job?

 I will also be analyzing the resignation speech, comparing it to Tiger Woods' speech and other who have had public fallout.

 Here are a few things I can say:

 -Can he repair his image? He can never truly get past this story. He has mortally wounded his political career. But, that doesn't mean he can't star in a reality show or host a program on CNN.

 -Are his days in politics completely done? Not necessarily.  Marion Barry was exposed as a crack addict and was able to regain his job as Mayor in DC.

 -Anthony Weiner didn't follow the classic 4-step process of dealing with this crisis.

 -His resignation speech - Weiner owes the public and his constituents a heart-felt apology... again.  Not doing this could hurt him in the future.

 -Will Weiner bring up sex addiction in his resignation speech effectively turning this into his big moment, much like the McGreevy, ""I am a gay American speech?"   Jxxx Txxxxx will be watching and offering analysis.

 Jxxx Txxxxis President of XXXX a media consultancy based in New York City.

 Let me know if you would like to talk or use any of the quotes.<<

Wilco. As a "working journalist," it is hard for me to tell which is more tempting: that offer, or one a couple of days ago from a PR firm in LA.

>>Subject: PITCH: "DUH, WEINER!"

Hi James: already awarded Charlie Sheen a "Lifetime Achievement Award," giving him all the benefits to the website - hot young women looking for men to make them feel like princesses.

Now Anthony Weiner, the New York Representative who has sexted photos to women over the past three years, is America's latest "Online Sugar Daddy."

CEO and Founder of the site, Bxxx Wxxx, is available to enlighten you with why:

    •    Weiner is the next winner of,
    •    It would behoove Weiner to use in the future, for the most discreet service possible,
    •    Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, can have just as much fun as her husband has been despite being pregnant,
    • is unlike like any other "Sugar Daddy" site.

I'd love to put you in touch with Bxxxx concerning Weiner's recent "Weinnner" act.<<
I'd love that too. After the jump, a selection from Jeff Goldberg's PR mailbag.
>>From: Lxxx Mxxxn
To: Jeffrey Goldberg
Subject: Reversible Burp Cloth

Dear Jeffrey,

I hope you are having a terrific week!

Did you receive my email earlier this week about BabbaCo's reversible burp cloth?

We'd love to send you a sample for review/consideration. Each BabbaBurpie is completely reversible and machine washable and comes in a 2-pack for $22.50.

Please let me know if you'd like to see a sample (we have various patterns available with base colors of cream or brown)

Hope to hear from you soon!<<

No larger point here. Just another window onto unexpected corners of American enterprise.