Prom Now Costs Around $807 Per Family

And now one fourth of families with teenagers couldn't afford the dance this year

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Prom is not for everyone. As long as its been a tradition for teenagers to get dressed up, ride around in limos, dance to cheesy love songs and get inappropriately drunk, it has also been a tradition for those too cool for school to protest this once-in-a-high-school-lifetime event. But now, the most apathetic of high schoolers might not be able to afford to go to prom even if they wanted to. A new Visa survey reveals that prom cost the average family of a prom-age teen around $807 this year. With tickets to the dance alone running up to $150, not to mention the appropriate attire, transportation, dinner and after party plans, one quarter of American families had to tell their teenager they couldn't go to prom this year, CNN Money reports.

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