Northeasterners Have the Most Sex

Americans are getting laid more and enjoying it, too

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Congratulations Northeasterners! According to the Trojan sex census, you currently hold the national title for having more sex than any other region. Not only that, all that sex you're having is more likely to be safe and satisfying. People in the Northeast are getting laid about 2.5 times a week and are more likely than people in other parts of the country to use a condom. Midwesterners come in close second with 2.4, leading us to believe that long winters, though irritating, do wonders for one's sex life. Westerners and Southerners, on the other hand, are apparently too busy enjoying the nice weather to have sex, because they're doing it the least. Guess you can't have it all.

The good news for everyone, though, is overall sexual satisfaction is on the rise. And while single people are having more sex (130 times a year), they're not nearly as satisfied by the sex they're having as their married counterparts. The average married couple may only have sex 109 times a year, but 82 percent of those sexual encounters are satisfying as opposed to 71 percent of the sex had by singles. The quality vs. quantity argument seems to ring true here. The study also finds that "seventy-four percent of Americans are experimenting with sex and embracing ways to enhance the sexual experience for themselves and their partners." Such experimentation includes trying out toys, new positions or settings in which to have sex, as well as talking about sex online. That's right Anthony Weiner, you're not alone. In fact, "19 percent of Americans have engaged in sexting, 19 percent have had sex online and 10 percent have discussed sex on Facebook and/or Twitter." So pat yourselves on the back America, you're gradually moving away from your long-held reputation as home of the world's biggest prudes.

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