New York Senate Punts Gay Marriage to Next Week

State senate will not vote today on a bill that legalize same-sex marriage

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The New York State Senate has delayed voting on a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage until next week, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos confirmed to reporters in Albany this afternoon.

"There is a concern right now as to the unintended consequences of some of the religious causes, carveouts, protections and we're reviewing that," said Skelos.

The Buffalo News notes Skelos's comments came "as he was heading into a private meeting with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and an hour after he wrapped up a closed-door session with his fellow Republicans." Syracuse Post-Standard reporter Teri Weaver said the delay came even as "Republicans appeared to be looking for the wording of a same-sex marriage bill that would pass."

So when will there be a vote? That's where thinks get unclear, writes New York Daily News politics blogger Celeste Katz. "Skelos did not say when the Senate might finally decide to take up the measure," she writes, "but noted that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will be observing the Sabbath and unavailable until Sunday. The 2011 Assembly session is scheduled to end Monday, though Cuomo can keep the legislature in a special session.

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