The New York Times ran a thick, two-line headline across the front page Saturday morning for an issue that is sure to get stuffed in keepsake boxes -- rather than recycling bins -- across the country. "New York Allows Same-Sex Marriage," it screamed. "Becoming Largest State To Pass Law."

For its issue to commemorate Friday night's historic 33-29 vote to pass a marriage equality bill that saw four Republicans legislators joining all buy one Democrat, the New York Daily News ran a full-page photo across the front. Prime real estate was taken up by a crowd of (presumably) gay men cheering and celebrating into the night. The only word that ran above-the-fold? "History!"

And that's why it was strange when the New York Post, which is known for its often groan-inducing pun-filled headlines, went with "Don't Do It!," referencing a story about a cop talking a girl off the side of a building. It's not like the Post went to press before the bill was passed. We know it didn't because there's a small headline that runs across the bottom of the cover: "Senate passes gay marriage bill." But, for more, you'll have to see page two.

How did the other papers in New York respond to Friday night's news, if at all? We've collected Saturday's front pages from 18 different newspapers across the state -- from Lockport to Long Island -- and displayed them below.

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